Hey Guys,

So, we're past the week of January 4th, and as you've probably noticed, Pizza.GG hasn't started yet. We know you guys have been very patient with us over the course of both of these promotions with Papa John's, and we're very appreciative of that, so we wanted to break the silence and make sure to share the reasoning behind the delay.

We hope that you guys have enjoyed what we've done with Papa John's so far. At the beginning of this most recent promotion with Papa John’s, we held meet and greets in San Francisco and Los Angeles where fans had the opportunity to meet EG and Liquid players - and eat some free pizza in the process! We followed that up with over two weeks of 50% off Papa John's pizza for everyone, and it seemed like you guys liked that - especially some of you.

With all that said, let's get to it and update you guys on what's happening with the Pizza.GG week. Going into this current promotion, we had originally planned another great discount offer for the second run of Pizza.GG. Unfortunately, we ended up not being able to deliver the offer we wanted to this week. Because we aren't able to provide it right now, we've decided to delay Pizza.GG until we can bring you guys an offer we're satisfied with. We're working with Papa John's to get Pizza.GG launched as soon as possible, so we're asking you guys to wait just a little bit longer (a week or two - not *that* long).

Please accept our apologies for the delay, and thank you guys so much for your patience with us. You've really done an amazing job of showing the enthusiasm and passion of our community, and we very much appreciate it! We're really looking forward to getting this next round of Pizza.GG off of the ground for you guys - here's some of the stuff we'll have coming up in a week or two when it launches!

HungryBox vs. PPMD

Two Melee greats and top performers of 2015 will battle it out in the ultimate endurance format. The guys will compete in a Best of 69 series in which a character cannot be chosen again once a player has won a set with them. We're also throwing $4,000 into the pool and enough pizza to satiate even the hungriest of pizza doctors. The pizza gods will be pleased.

Halo Invitational Tournament

Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, EnVyUs, Counter Logic Gaming, Alleigance, The Leftovers, Winterfox, and OpTic are cordially invited to compete for their share of $5,000 and the right to have Lethul call them "daddy" for a week. We'll be spacing the tournament out over four days to give everyone time to follow and prepare adequately. We've also invited along GoldenBoy, Walshy, TiberiusAudley, and Elamite Warrior to assist in casting duties. Maybe we'll throw some classic Halo map forge remakes in the rotation for fun...?

CS:GO Battle Royale

In a match that will transform Counter-Strike into an all out war, we’re putting $4,000 on the line to decide who the ultimate individual player is. We have prepared a special form of CS:GO that will ensure the cream rises to the top and the intensity is turned up to 11.

10 versus 10, including your favorite Liquid players and other top streamers and pros. Max money each round. No bomb plants. Ludicrous round timer. Extreme death - knife kills eliminate the opponent from competition and leave the server. The victor is the man with the most kills when the match is over. Counter-Strike to the max.

StarCraft 2 Grudge Matches & Community VOD Night

Last, but certainly not least, we've arranged a series of StarCraft 2 grudge matches for you featuring the likes of HuK, Snute, Lilbow and others. The games will take place on January 16th and be casted by BaseTradeTV. You can find all of the details over at

We'll also be hosting a VOD night with various StarCraft community members so that you can relive some of the greatest moments in StarCraft 2 history with the figureheads that helped make them happen. We'll be doing this on January 17th, and you can find out more about over at TeamLiquid as well. The first 100 Americans to show up in our voice chat server will get free pizza, so make sure to come early!