Content Acquisition , former Project Manager . This is the dopest simulation I’ve ever been in. RIP Vine.

San Francisco, CA
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  1. Dec 7

    Bitcoin skyrocketing, Hollywood debacles, government chaos, but hey, at least Vine is coming back.

  2. Nov 29

    Life is good. Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer by DMX, Divine Bars

  3. Nov 28
  4. Nov 25

    Nice system you have in place , kidding.

  5. Nov 24

    Is it even possible for a mere mortal to cop the yeezy drop tonight?

  6. Nov 14
  7. Nov 9
    Replying to

    Cc: all Hollywood celebs.

  8. Nov 9

    Man, just be a good person, you know?

  9. Oct 24

    I made a thing, and I ask you to give me a few minutes of your time and watch something important to me.

  10. Oct 22

    The studios team is incredible. The remarkable folks behind this video, , are the best.

  11. Oct 18
    Replying to

    going to cosplay as this the entire time

  12. Oct 18

    See you lovely folks at TwitchCon.

  13. Oct 17

    "Get him. This is your game. You're gonna get the job done." I'm actually crying 😭😭😭

  14. Oct 3
  15. Oct 2

    One of the most fun purchases I have ever made. Bless you

  16. Sep 27

    Hard to concentrate at work today

  17. Aug 11
  18. Aug 7

    Oh bby... , PPDager... more like PPDapper.

  19. Aug 2

    IRS phone scams are in.

  20. Jul 11

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