Partnership Associate , former Project Manager . This is the dopest simulation I’ve ever been in.

San Francisco, CA
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    Aug 11
  2. Aug 7

    Oh bby... , PPDager... more like PPDapper.

  3. Aug 2

    IRS phone scams are in.

  4. Jul 11
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    Jun 30
  6. Jun 30

    Why is it easier to get a pair of yeezys than some artisan key caps?

  7. Jun 27
    Replying to

    Just to clarify this is from 😂🥊

  8. Jun 20
    Replying to

    seems right

  9. Jun 20
  10. Jun 17

    CLG right now, also me right now.

  11. Jun 8

    Plumber comes to fix water heater, first thing said, "what the f**k is this?".

  12. Apr 28


  13. Apr 27

    About to fly United, famous for coining the pull out method.

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    Apr 25

    ENHANCE THAT IMAGE! We made it to the intro! . (P.S. sup )

  15. Apr 24
  16. Apr 13

    Just some smooth listening. CC:

  17. Apr 12

    If you're a partner and attending Dreamhack Austin let me know!

  18. Apr 12

    Rip Buc Nasty, nastiest hater of 2000.

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    RT this with your nose. Don't cheat.

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    Mar 14

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